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eCommerce Copywriting Case Study: 3 Advanced Tactics We Used to Increase Product Page Conversion Rates 13.9%

We partnered with copywriter Brian Speronello of Accelerated Conversions on this project. This case study was written by Brian and edited by Devesh and Brian. Writing powerful eCommerce copy that improves conversion rates is one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue for your online business.  Just by changing the words your visitors read […]

Should you AB test large site redesigns, and if so how?

An issue that’s come up with more than one client for us recently is when a large site redesign is “in the pipeline” and people in the company disagree about whether or not they should test the large redesigns or feature release. The arguments for not testing large site redesigns is usually some flavor of the […]

The ROI of AB Testing: When is AB testing worth it?

The ROI of AB Testing: When is AB testing worth it?

I have a simple 2-step criteria for determining if AB testing has a high enough ROI to be seriously considered for your marketing team: Criteria #1: Your business makes $2,000,000 or more in revenue Criteria #2: You get 100,000 monthly unique visitors or more to your site Yes, like any numerical “cutoff”, these numbers are […]

The U-D Conversion Rate Optimization Framework: Usability and Desirability

Truth be told, optimizing a website is a daunting task. The same anxiety that makes writers stare at a blank page for hours or a musician futz around with their instrument for an afternoon is what makes it so hard. It’s this question that gnaws at you: Where should we start?  There are big things: Let’s redesign the […]

Checkout Form Optimization: Try Asking for Zip Code First

If you have a payment or checkout flow on your site, you should test asking for Zip Code first, and fill in the buyer’s City and State for them. This should make it easier for them to fill in the form and, ideally, increase checkout rate and thus revenue. Doing this is not as hard […]

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