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We have years of ecommerce UX, conversion and AB testing experience.
We also have a dedicated team for Shopify site development.

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Our Services

Conversion Optimization & Development

Conversion Optimization

Via AB Testing

This is Growth Rock's flagship service, available to any ecommerce site, on any platform, making $10 million or more annually. We employ years of deep ecommerce UX experience, analyzing analytics, user recordings, qualitative feedback, and more to design and a/b test variations that increase your store's conversion rate.

Shopify Development

For Shopify Brands Only

The growth of the Shopify platform led us, in 2018 to launch a dedicated Shopify and Shopify Plus development service. We saw many stores stifled by lack of efficient, reliable development resources. So we now have a dedicated team of Shopify developers to help brands on the Shopify platform implement site changes and new ideas rapidly.

Case Studies

Increased Checkouts from
Ecommerce Product Page Testing

Primary Goal Increased purchases of primary product (mattresses)
Technique User research, Copywriting, A/B Testing
Result 14.5% lift in successful purchases

Business Result: Improved copy and page structure led to a massive 14.5% increase in successful orders of this major mattress ecommerce brand, worth multiple 7 figures in annual revenue, and providing the company with proven product copy that can be used in other marketing campaigns.

In two months we got conversion increases that will yield multiple 7-figures in extra annual revenue.
Joey Holt, COO, Amerisleep

SaaS Free Trials from
Facebook Landing Page

Primary Goal Free Trial Signups
Technique A/B Testing
Result 42% Lift

Business Result: Higher PPC landing page conversion rate means lower paid ad cost per acquisition, and more revenue for the same ad spend, or faster user acquisition.

We talked to other CRO firms, but in one conversation with Growth Rock, it was clear they took time to understand our business, and the results speak for themselves.
Sujan Patel, Former VP of Marketing, When I Work

Email List Growth for
Commercial News Outlet

Primary Goal Email Opt-ins
Technique Custom Opt-ins, A/B Testing
Result 216% Lift in monthly email opt-ins

Business Result: Growing list mean increased advertising and paid
newsletter product revenue.

We had tried to increase our conversion rate ourselves and made little progress. Growth Rock came in and tripled our conversion rate. Glad we got introduced to them.
Jacob Wolinsky, Founder and CEO, Valuewalk.com


We bring expertise in user experience, visual design, and development.

Devesh Khanal

Devesh Khanal


Dan Ramirez

Dan Ramirez

UX and Conversion Strategy

Chad Dolan

Chad Dolan


Lisa Nguyen

Lisa Nguyen

Quality Assurance

Senka Imbrahimpasic


Nejra Pasic


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