Most E-commerce A/B Tests are Guesses. We Fixed That With The Purpose Framework.

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Clients Include

“The Apple store of mattress stores.” - Forbes

Empire Today

America’s largest shop-at-home flooring provider. 60 years in business. - Business Wire

Swimsuits for All

“Leading size-inclusive swimwear brand.” - E! Online

Perfect Keto

“Perfect Keto makes the best MCT-oil powder around.” - The Strategist

Kettle & Fire

“One of our favorite bone broths is Kettle & Fire.” - Men’s Journal

Edible Arrangements

“900 franchises across nine countries. Half a billion dollars in sales each year.” - Business Insider


“Caseology's reputation for artistry is a point of pride.” - CNET


“Luxury fashion that donates proceeds from every purchase directly to children in need.” - People Magazine

Browse Every E-commerce A/B Test We’ve Ever Done

We keep a live database of every A/B test we’ve run, labeled with purposes from our Purpose Framework, updated monthly.

Curious if we’ve tested something you want to test? See for yourself. For example:

  • See all mobile navigation tests we’ve done
  • See all PDP design tests we’ve done
  • And a ton more

We Built The Purpose Framework for
E-commerce CRO Strategy

Traditional A/B Testing

Most A/B testing is done in a one-off ad-hoc way.
Each test is not connected to the next

The Purpose Framework

Our purpose framework connects each test together to form a larger story about the site. This builds true strategy

The Purpose Framework Gives You Sitewide Strategy-Level Insights

See which purposes move the needle and which don’t so you can focus on what works and stop wasting time on what doesn’t.

The Purposes Framework for Ecommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Most ecommerce companies who do A/B testing don’t actually have a CRO strategy. They just run one off tests, one after an...

Most CRO Teams Base A/B Tests on Hypotheses,
We Developed The Question Mentality

Get Sitewide Strategy-Level Insights

Hypotheses create bias and limit what you learn from an A/B test. Our Question Mentality gives us and our clients a far richer understanding of test results.

A/B Test Hypotheses are Broken, Here’s What We’re Using Instead

The long standing advice on running A/B tests has been to base every test on a hypothesis, but we, as an A/B testing ag...

Clients Love Us

In two months we got conversion increases that will yield multiple 7-figures in extra annual revenue.

Joey Holt, COO


Efficient process. Strong analytics. Consistent increases in revenue per visitor.

Wilson Hung, Head of Growth

Kettle and Fire

Growth Rock has enabled us to speed up our check out experience, increase conversion and grow our business.

Jen Wallis, Ecommerce Director

Swimsuits For All

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