We grow businesses with AB testing.

Growth Rock is a conversion optimization agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area (San Jose). Our clients are worldwide, ranging from New York City, to Arizona, to Minnesota, to Germany and Ireland. Founded in 2013, we’ve spent the past 3 years helping ecommerce, SaaS, media, and other online businesses grow faster by getting consistent increases in conversion rate and thus revenue.

Typically, our clients already make over $1 million in online revenue (usually more than $10 million) and have over 100,000 monthly unique visitors to their site. We only work with companies when we know that reasonable increases in conversion rate will lead to multiple 6 figure or usually, 7-figure increases in revenue. As a result, most clients see over a 1,000% ROI on their investment with us (often 100X or more).

About the Founder

Growth Rock was founded by Devesh Khanal, a scientist by training with an engineering Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. Growth Rock was born as a love child of his left-brain and right-brain interests: the scientific method + design. Running experiments, interpreting statistics, and designing great user interfaces? We’re all in.

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