Conversion Rate Optimization Service Work With Us

Our primary, flagship, service is conversion rate optimization for ecommerce brands. This is a fully done for you service where our team handles the full conversion rate optimization (CRO) process, including:

  1. Customer Research and Ideation
  2. AB Test Design
  3. AB Test Development
  4. AB Test Results Interpretation

For brands on Shopify, we also add a fifth step (5. Implementation) where we implement the winning variations on your site.

How it Works

Our conversion optimization strategy and process follows the 4 step process above. Here is exactly how we execute each step for your company.

  1. Customer Research and Ideation – We base our AB tests on a deep understanding of your customers and their pain points. We implement user research techniques such as: live user testing sessions, word analysis of reviews and testimonials, session recordings, and polls. We then create a spreadsheet of hypothesis of UX changes that could improve conversion rate.
  2. AB Test Design – We take the top ideas and design variations to the site (product pages, listing pages, cart, checkout, homepage, mobile, desktop, and more) that will test those hypotheses. We get consensus with your team then move to development.
  3. AB Test Development – Our own developers, well versed in AB test development of ecommerce sites, code the variations in the AB testing platform (we don’t need to touch your server side code). We do this in days, not weeks or months.
  4. AB Test Results Interpretation – We check and report on results weekly. We are also thorough in analyzing the statistical significance of tests so you don’t falsely declare winners.
  5. Implementation (Shopify Only) – For Shopify clients, we also have a Shopify development team that can implement winning variations permanently on your site as well make other non-AB test site changes. Reach out to us below to learn more



  • Increased site conversion rate – As our case studies show (some are below), our AB tests consistently increase conversion rate by 5%, 10%, 25% and more from homepages, product detail pages, listing pages and more. This provides a massive ROI to the business.
  • Better ROI on ad spend and SEO – An improved conversion rate means for the same ad traffic (and thus ad spend) you get more revenue, improving ad campaign ROI. This also applies to organic traffic and SEO efforts.
  • No more “loudest voice wins” frustration – Most ecommerce design processes involve gathering in a conference room and endlessly debating each design detail. The loudest voice (or highest ranking person) wins and that experience is implemented. Instead, by building a “test and measure” culture, you’ll let your customers decide on winning site experiences with their clicks and actual purchase decisions.
  • Avoid your development bottleneck – We haven’t met an ecommerce company that doesn’t have a development bottleneck. If you have to wait weeks or months for each proposed site change to take effect, it’s hard to make rapid improvements to the business. With us, clients are able to rapidly test site changes and keep the ones that win.
  • Know your customers better – Our CRO process has revealed key insights about what customers do and don’t care about. This has benefits outside of site conversion rate, including affecting in store and print ads, brochure copy, and more.


Case Studies

eCommerce Copywriting Case Study: 3 Advanced Tactics We Used to Increase Product Page Conversion Rates 13.9%

Writing powerful eCommerce copy that improves conversion rates is one of the most effective ways to generate more revenue for your online business. Just by changing the words your visitors read when they come to your site, you can generate significant increases in sales for your company.

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Two ecommerce upsell AB tests that were worth $2 million+ in annual revenue

Not presenting related items at the shopping cart step could be costing many ecommerce stores millions in potential revenue.In particular I’ve noticed while large, well known brands do this consistently (see examples below), mid-size ecommerce stores often don’t, and that’s likely a mistake.

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The ROI of AB Testing: When is AB testing worth it?

I have a simple 2-step criteria for determining if AB testing has a high enough ROI to be seriously considered for your marketing team:

Criteria #1: Your business makes $2,000,000 or more in revenue
Criteria #2: You get 100,000 monthly unique visitors or more to your site

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The U-D Conversion Rate Optimization Framework: Usability and Desirability

Truth be told, optimizing a website is a daunting task.

The same anxiety that makes writers stare at a blank page for hours or a musician futz around with their instrument for an afternoon is what makes it so hard. It’s this question that gnaws at you:

Where should we start?

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Should you AB test large site redesigns, and if so how?

An issue that’s come up with more than one client for us recently is when a large site redesign is “in the pipeline” and people in the company disagree about whether or not they should test the large redesigns or feature release.

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Management Team Backgrounds

Devesh Khanal

Devesh Khanal has been running Growth Rock for over 4 years. He has run hundreds of AB tests across many different businesses, done countless user research studies, and read many nerdy articles about ecommerce UX.

Dan Ramirez

Dan Ramirez, prior to Growth Rock, was Director of UX at GoGoTech, where he managed their AB testing and site development program. He has an extensive background in UX design and quality assurance.

In addition, our team consists of three developers with countless AB tests developed in testing platforms such as Optimizely and VWO, and a quality assurance team member.

ROI and Pricing

An ongoing CRO program like the one we provide is best for ecommerce sites doing at least $5 million or more in annual revenue. For these million dollar and larger ecommerce brands, here is why we think you’ll benefit from choosing to have us run your CRO program:

  1. Less Expensive: Our monthly rates are far less expensive than building an in house team (by a lot).
  2. Better Results: We have more experience, a proven system, and can out perform an in house UX designer, who likely optimizes for aesthetic appeal versus increased conversion rate.
  3. Faster Ramp Up: We hit the ground running with our set process from day one. We’ve executed this process multiple times, no “on the job” learning required.
  4. More experience: Finding people with real ecommerce AB testing experience is still extremely difficult. We have multiple people who’ve run hundreds of AB tests (maybe more, we’ve lost count).
  5. More Flexibility: We don’t require a 6 or 12 month contract.

We operate with a monthly retainer, that ranges from $4000 per month to $8,500 per month depending on the size of the site and number of tests per month that we can likely launch.

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