Ecommerce UX Breakdowns

Linkbar an Alternative to the Hamburger Menu

A huge issue in mobile ecommerce is helping your customers find products. Yet stores with 100s or 1000s of SKUs hide products behind many clicks in the “hamburger menu”. This video breaks down some alternatives using Gap, Lowes, etc.

Do Affirm or Afterpay increase conversion rate or AOV?

In this ecommerce UX breakdown, we look at two A/B test results we ran for ecommerce clients. We also talk about which niches it makes more sense to present financing options using examples like Oscar de la Renta, Moon Juice, and Peloton.

Cart Drawer Modal

Ecommerce companies have asked if their cart page should be a “sliding drawer” or modal. We’ve tested this and think you’ll probably waste your time. We discuss these A/B test results and their implications in our latest Ecommerce UX video.