Top Conversion Rate Optimization Articles

Conversion rate optimization is a mix of strategy and experience. Below are our top articles organized by case studies of specific AB tests vs articles on strategy. Remember that proper strategy leads to more wins like those profiled in the case studies.

Ecommerce CRO Case Studies

The Link Bar, an Ecommerce Mobile Homepage Navigation Alternative (to the Hamburger Menu) – The hamburger menu is ubiquitous on mobile ecommerce sites but is generally not helping your conversion rate. Here we discuss results from an alternative.

Sticky Add to Cart Button Example: Actual AB Test Results – Recently we’ve noticed a lot of debate on the proper UI of add to cart buttons on product detail pages (PDPs), both desktop and mobile. In particular, should they be sticky upon scroll. Here we share test results on this topic and discuss implications.

E-commerce Free Shipping Case Study: How much can it increase conversion rate? – It is well known that offering free shipping can increase conversion rates. But for those brands that do, what is the best way to convey this? Where should you mention it? How often? On which pages? The AB tests in this article explore these questions.

Mobile Checkout Best Practices and Trends in Ecommerce for 2019 – Almost all brands became “more mobile” in traffic percentage around 2017 – 2018. But mobile conversion rates remain much lower than desktop. This article is a large research study our team performed analyzing trends in mobile checkout flow UX of the 40 of the top U.S. ecommerce sites. There are multiple AB tests from our team discussed throughout.

Two ecommerce upsell AB tests that were worth $2 million+ in annual revenue – Upsells have to be done carefully. Sometimes they work, other times they don’t show any difference and could just distract from checkout. This case study explores some test results that showed a big AOV and revenue increase from adding upsells.

Ecommerce CRO Strategy

The Usability vs. Desirability Framework for Conversion Rate Optimization – This is one of our foundational articles that distinguishes between two types of AB test hypotheses and frameworks for improving UX: usability vs. desirability. Understanding this will help you build more winning hypotheses.

The Two Safeguards to Stopping an AB Test – You shouldn’t just stop the moment your software says “95% statistical significance”.

Ecommerce Goals for Optimizely or VWO: What goals should you use in AB tests? – We see companies run tests with one or two goals only (transactions, revenue). This is a mistake. Here we explain why.

Should you AB test large site redesigns, and if so how? Large redesigns are the bread and butter of ecommerce development. But should you AB test them? How can you do that? Here we discuss strategies that can help or save you from potential conversion disasters.

The ROI of AB Testing: When is AB testing worth it? – We actually think most ecommerce brands shouldn’t AB test. They are too small and should focus elsewhere. But when is it very much worth it? That’s what we discuss in this article.

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