Social Media Statistics: Email Still Has the Highest Engagement

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“I want more traffic”. Have you said that?

Here’s the reality: You don’t really want more traffic, you want more sales. And sales require more than just traffic.

You want that traffic to convert, to do something: click, comment, opt-in, take a credit card out, buy, refer friends, rinse, repeat.

What kind of people do all these things?


That’s what you need: fans.

People who keep coming back to your store, people who read everything you write, people who leave comments on your articles, and people who buy your products and share your stuff with their friends.

Regular ol’ traffic needs to be replenished. Fans come back. And they tell their friends. That’s why fans are more important than anything else — especially if your business is young.

I’m not the only one that agrees, various, famous people have said this before.

But how do you get fans?

Most people think “Ok, I need Twitter followers”, or “a Facebook page.”

But is that the best way to get the fans you so desperately need?

Answer: no.

I looked into stats that smart people gathered, to compare engagement between email marketing and social media. It turns out email absolutely dominates Twitter and Facebook.

If you’ve followed this blog, this shouldn’t be news. And many others have said it too. But here, in one infographic, you can see the absurdity of the stats themselves.

How to grow your email list

So if you want fans that engage with you, focus on growing your email list. To do this, I’ve assembled a list of resources to help you:

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Email vs. Social Media: Which Has the Highest Engagement?


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Have a question about growing your email list or any of the stats here? Ask away in the comments.

  • Robin

    This is the best infographic I’ve ever seen Devesh, no kiddin’! Love the examples, very pedagogic 🙂 I was telling my email-list about email >>>social media to make sales like one week ago, I’ll definitively send them a link to this little masterpiece

    • Thanks Robin! Yeah I wanted to put a twist on it and use some fun examples. Thanks for offering to share it. If you have a blog and want to share it on there, let me know.

  • Ha it really is awesome-lets get them shares out!

    Great work Devesh


  • I keep trying to tell people about the importance of an email list. I’m just going to share this infographic with them and let the images do the talking for me. 😉

  • Michael Ippersiel

    Facebook is like the “pretty girl in the room”, that in reality is a drag queen. Email’s the girl next door that’s the real deal.

    • …and it takes time and consistent effort to build your relationship with the girl next door…

  • Rohan Shah

    thank u devesh
    i was about to spend (waste) money on facebook likes
    now the question is- how to build a email list

    • Rohan, start here for an overview of what not to do (and what to do instead):

  • If email, Facebook and Twitter walked into a bar … Classic! Now that’s how you get a point across. 🙂

  • Love the comparison with the bars, that really made it click! Great job Devesh!

  • Gonçalo Publi

    Hi. The examples were pretty nice. One quick question, what program(s) do you use to create this infographic?

  • Viraj Shah

    Thankyou for info devesh!! It really changed my view about email marketing. I thought facebook and twitter are major source to drive traffic. Can you please suggest some tips to build email lists for my blog Tech Tumor

  • olivion studio

    In the event that you’ve taken after this blog, this shouldn’t be news. Also, numerous others have said it as well. Yet, here, in one infographic, you can see the ludicrousness of the details themselves.

  • Benjamin