Sidebar and End of Post Email Opt-in Forms: Don’t Waste Your Time

A lot of clients ask me, “Can you help us grow our email list?”

So I ask, “Ok, what are you doing to capture subscribers now?”

If they have a blog, their answers inevitably involve this word: “sidebar”.

“Well, we have a form in the sidebar.”

“I’m giving away this ebook in the sidebar…”


I take a deep breath, squirt some more Mio in my water, and ask “Ok, what else are you doing?”

Of course, 99% of the time, I’ve already looked at their blog — as I’ve looked at hundreds and hundreds of other blogs — and the vast vast vast majority of them have two opt-in forms that convert extremely poorly: (more…)

Landing Page Optimization Case Study: Step by Step Analysis of How I Got 75% More Conversions by Improving Design

This is going to sound like heresy, but I’m going to say it anyways:

If you want your site to convert better, you can’t just copy what worked for other sites and expect it to work for you.

I know, I know, that makes me sound like a hypocrite.

After all, I’ve published conversion optimization case studies, and co-published a massive list of hundreds of conversion rate optimization tactics – all in the name of helping others increase their conversions.

So do I mean there’s nothing to learn from these case studies? Or this landing page optimization case study you’re reading right now? (more…)

Website Navigation Case Study: How I got 145% more clicks to email newsletter pages by changing 3 words

Do you have a dedicated lead capture or email newsletter page somewhere on your site?

A page whose sole purpose is to get people to enter their email, sign up, or start a trial?

A page that literally is the top of your funnel?

How many people are clicking to it when they read your content?

Today I’m going to show you how my team and I got 145% more click throughs to a lead capture page using something I call: The Likable Link Technique.

We didn’t just do this on one page. We did this on two different sites, with two different traffic levels, in two different niches.

And we did this without generating any new content. (more…)

Conversion Optimization Without A/B Testing

conversion optimization without A/B testing

Here’s the truth: A/B testing is likely a giant waste of time for you.

And, to be honest, for 99% of sites on the internet as well.

Here’s why: Most sites have too little traffic and too low of a conversion rate to draw any useful conclusions from A/B tests.

I’m going to show you why this is, and more importantly, how you can optimize your conversions without A/B testing until you get enough traffic. (more…)

SaaS Conversion Optimization Case Study: 73% Increase in Trial Signups

What if you could increase free trial sign ups…by a lot…by eliminating the word “free” from your landing page?

Well, I have a case study where we did just that.

We increased clicks by 139% and free trial sign ups by 73% by making a few simple changes to a SaaS home page.

The company is It lets users design a great looking wedding website really easily. It’s a cool company with a cool product. And they wanted more visitors to sign up for a free trial.

They already had a great looking homepage (screenshots below), so the question was: what changes could get more people to sign up instead of bouncing?

You would think emphasizing a no-risk, no-credit-card-required free trial would help.

Or you would think emphasizing all the cool features would help.

And you would certainly think adding more testimonials would help.

Alas, in this case, you’d be wrong. (more…)

Ecommerce Marketing Technique: Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate With Product Bonuses

ecommerce marketing product bonus

I’ve noticed that so many ecommerce websites are just sitting on gold mines of potential sales that they’re not capturing.

And I’m not talking about simple A/B testing (although yes, that too). I’m talking about much bigger things like doing a poor job on their email drip campaigns, or not even using email – just tweeting out a sale here or there.

But it’s cool.

I have a lot of respect for ecommerce business owners. It’s hard to grow a business, especially a product business, and they’re doing 15 things at once just keeping everything afloat.

They can’t run their company and keep up on all marketing best practices. I get it.

That’s where posts like this come in.

There is a technique that savvy bloggers have started using that is absolutely blowing up their email opt-in conversion rates.

It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it doesn’t take that long to set up. And I noticed that many ecommerce sites can do the same thing (without a blog), to boost sales and capture a lot more customers for life.

Let’s dig in and see how. (more…)

Email Drip Campaigns and Autoresponders: The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Guide to Email Drip Campaigns

Bonus: Download a free checklist that distills the key steps to quickly make your own awesome drip campaigns. Includes bonus email ideas and teardowns of marketing emails not found in this post.

Complaining about marketing emails is all the rage right now:

I agree. And I thank Google every time I click on my promotions tab and see a mountain of marketing emails from a ton of drip campaigns that I can archive in one swoop.

But let me say this:

There are a few companies that I love getting emails from. I open them within seconds. I use it as a break from work. It’s unproductive. It’s a waste of time. I get it.

But here’s the thing: I know they send me cool stuff. I even know they’re trying to sell me something.

I. Don’t. Care.

I like their product, I like their design, or I like their advice. Or maybe all 3.

And I bet it’s true for you too.

Because here’s the thing..

…it’s only a select few companies…the rest get archived en masse, regardless of which tab they show up in.

So what’s the difference between those terrible emails and the companies whose emails I open with the same guilty satisfaction as checking TMZ ESPN?

Simple: they aren’t just pumping advertising down my throat like I’m some factory farmed chicken. For example, check out this email I got from after I bought some random gadget: (more…)

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